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About Us

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Our Story

The word is Evolve.
We evolve to go with the times, to adapt to present and complement it.
That's what POLKADOTS did.
From the good old casual dining restaurant we have evolved to add some fresh, younger vibes, while maintaining the same love for our guests, our quality of food, and our brand's legacy.
Polka Dots is the expression of the culinary talent and creativity of the directors Rajendra Kelshikar and Ravish Arora. Through Polka Dots they share their passion for food with you. It's also Pune's first stand-alone restaurant for world cuisine started in 2002.
We believe in providing our guests a quality experience, in terms of the ambiance and food. The cuisine includes South East Asian, European, American, Mexican and Indian - a trot around the world, in one place, via several plates. And if you have a sweet tooth, this is the place to be.

Come, eat, live and laugh!